Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Storm Clouds All Around

Well, I guess I have not been so good about my posts. Much has happened since my last entry. I have had to travel out of town, we had the remnants of Hurricane Ike blow through town and take out the power for 4 days, and my right knee continues to be a problem.

When I last wrote I was getting up to 5 miles at a time. Soon after that post I started trying the Chi running technique and it seems to have helped lessen the impact on my knees. I can run up to 8 miles now, and if I concentrate on my form I have very little if any knee pain.

But, since my knee was still tender I made an appointment with my Orthopedic doctor. Hopefully, I have some inflammation and maybe some bursitis. Likely, I have a torn meniscus. He instructed me to take two weeks and do my stretching and get some orthodix. If the knee is not any better he will schedule an MRI to check the meniscus.

He did not say it, but I could tell he thinks it is the meniscus. I am happy that he wants to take a conservative approach first, but if it is the meniscus, I just want to get it over with. The operation to repair the meniscus would be out patient and would have a re-hab of 4 weeks and back to running in about 6 weeks. This would put me on schedule to start my training for Boston the beginning of December.

I can't believe this is happening now. I am so close to running my dream. I am registered and chomping at the bit to get going. Things still look good, even if I have the operation, but I would much rather have had smooth sailing into the start of training.

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