Friday, January 9, 2009

Recording History

It is a shame that it took the end of my running career to get me to start a podcast. The fact is that I likely would not have started one if my running was not coming to an end. Since I know my last race will be in April, I don't feel the need to keep the podcast going forever. This takes the pressure off. I don't have to think up new topics forever, only until April.

The reasons for starting the podcast are a little more complicated. On one level the experience is cool. It is hard to believe that I can produce something that may be listened to by people all over the world. It is rather mind boggling to think about. It gives you a sense of connection with the rest of the world.

The podcast also gives me an opportunity to say good-bye. Reviewing my running past and my thoughts on running has helped me mentally prepare for for the day when I have to hang up my running shoes. It is sort of a running Hospice. It allows me to come to terms with the end of my running and to prepare me for the next stage of my fitness life.

Finally, I would like to leave some sort of legacy. I would like to leave a history for my family and friends. I want my children to know how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle throughout life. I know I will soon not be able to run, and someday I may have to give up cycling or whatever other form of fitness I take up. But, I will always find something I can do that will enhance my physical well being and in doing so enhance all the other aspects of my life.

So the end is near for me, but there will always be a lasting memory for others to run with.

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How do we hear the podcast? I couldn't find a link.