Sunday, March 23, 2008


Right now I am in training for the Flying Pig Marathon on May 5th. This will be the fourth time I have run the full Pig. I did run a two person relay one year. I have run one other marathon, which was the Vermont City Marathon – but that can be the subject of another post.

I am into the meat of the training right now. I just finished a 50+ mile week of training with a long run of 16 miles. I am using a modified “moderate consistent” plan from the Hanson training group.

The modification has been to fit my work and family schedule. My work schedule dictates that the only time I can really run is in the early morning hours before work. I am usually up by 4:20am and on the road by 5:00am. I get 6 to 8 miles in and then rush to get out the door for work by 7am. The weekends are a little easier, but with four kids all in different activities, I do not have time for much more that 16 miles. I also take Sunday off so that I can go to church. This makes the moderate consistent plan ideal for me.

Next Sunday I am running the Heart Mini-Marathon in Cincinnati. This year I will be running the “Two Beat Challenge” which means I will be running a 5K at 9:00am and then running the 15K race at 10:00am. This fits well with my training schedule, but my only worry is that I do not go too fast and treat it as a race rather than a training run. I will give a race report next week.

Ok, so now we have the background out of the way and in future posts we can get into some more of the fun stuff.

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